View Full Version : Problems with new menu organization

2004-12-28, 09:06
I really think you should ease up just a bit on Slim Devices. They are
obviously making changes that are geared towards giving reliability more of
a priority. This can be seen by the forking of the current build with new
loads that fix issues vs. the development of the all new release which
focuses more on new architecture and features.

The audio issue that you have used to lambast Slim is very unlikely a
problem with the Slim software or your server. The problem is most likely a
network glitch, problem with the Squeezebox hardware or a problem with the
connection to the audio equipment. Did you take the time to connect some
headphones directly to the headphone jack on the Squeezebox and see if the
audio glitch was present there? Probably not as you were too busy composing
your diatrabe against Slim Devices.

Slim obviously has room to improve and there is evidence that they ARE
improving every week as they incorporate feedback from this list into their
product plans and software releases. Constructive criticism is helpful,
incessant ranting is not.