View Full Version : Squeezbox V3 Power Supply just died..

2017-01-25, 07:14
Anyone know an easy replacement? 5 V DC, 2 Amp? I'd like to just buy one with the same plug, no need to solder connections.

here is a picture of my unit, and bad PS. Luckily I have two SB units, so I plugged unit #2 into PS for Unit#1 and it boots up fine.


2017-01-25, 07:17
You can get one for squeezebox Touch same voltage and plug .

2017-01-25, 07:36
Just found this on E-Bay. Looks identical so I hope he delivers it !


maybe I should buy a spare while we still can ?

2017-01-27, 03:01
I had to replace my SB3 power adapter last year, but in my case found them difficult to find in the UK. I also ended up buying one off eBay. Interestingly, a search today is bringing up more alternatives on Amazon than I could find last year.

I also had to replace my Boom adapter a couple of years ago. If anyone else in the UK ever needs a similar replacement, I can recommend this one that I bought:


2017-02-10, 14:48
Regarding the SB3 power supply I ordered off E-Bay, (see above) it works fine now. So I ordered a spare, while they are still available , just in case another PS fails. I have 2 SB3s.

They were shipped to me , here in Vermont via priority post, from California in a sturdy cardboard box filled with foam pellets.