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Manuel Rathmann
2004-12-27, 20:02
Thank you very much for your help. I've installed SSH and it works now :)

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You need to install the SSHD on the server side - not the laptop/client
side. The Softsqueeze software has the tunneling built in.

I have noticed that a lot of the consumer firewalls do not handle UDP ports
correctly for access control. Doublecheck on that port if possible.


Manuel Rathmann wrote:

>Thanks for your fast reply. Unfortunately that's what I've done - both
>ports are open to receive incoming connections. Not sure if I can use
>SSH as the laptop from which I want to connect is my work laptop so I
>can't fiddle with it too much ;)
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>Your problem is that you need to allow UDP traffic on port 3483 as well
>as TCP traffic on port 9000. Once this is OK, things should work fine.
>Softsqueeze and Squeezebox rely on both ports (control and data
>1B+1D in ISDN talk).
>I would strongly recommend that you use the SSH tunneling if you can
>run an SSHD on your server. I find it works great and then you only
>need to open on port to the world - port 22 which you can use for SSH
duties as well.
>Manuel Rathmann wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I might be a bit thick but I really thought it wouldn't be a big issue
>>to connect from a second PC over the internet to my home PC using
>>Here's what I want to do:
>>I want to connect from Laptop to my home PC using Softsqueeze so that
>>I can listen to my music collection from anywhere.
>>Here's what I've done so far:
>>I've got Slimserver up and running on my home PC. I've temporarily
>>disabled the firewall. The router which is connected to it is setup to
>>allow inbound traffic from anywhere on TCP/UDP port 3483 and 9000 and
>>forward it to my local IP address of my home PC. I've got a broadband
>>connection with a fixed IP address.
>>Laptop A is running softsqueeze. In the configuration I've put my home
>>PC's IP address into the "Slimserver hostname" field. That's pretty
>>much it. I've not changed anything else. When I run softsqueeze it
>>just sais "Please wait. Connecting to Slim Server." In the debugging
>>console I can see entries:
>>[SlimTCP] DEBUG slimproto - connecting command socket [SlimTCP] DEBUG
>>slimproto - cannot connect to /<my home PCs IP
>>I really don't know what I'm doing wrong here with such a simple
>>setup. I'm not even talking about SSH tunneling...I really would
>>apprechiate if someone could help me out here...