View Full Version : Forums beta!

Jim McCall
2004-12-27, 15:31
A couple of legibility:

1) Most of the posts are hard wrapped at what seems to be a very narrow
window size - maybe 800 x 600 - which is unfortunate. Ideally, it would wrap
depending on the size of the viewer's browser window only. If it is too
narrow, it scrolls forever, but if too wide, it is really difficult to go
from line to line.

2) Can you put in a CSS tag to add a little more leading in the lines? For
heavy batches of content, a little extra leading goes a long way for


> We've got a beta of the forums up at: http://forums.slimdevices.com/
> Right now it's read-only, and mirrors what you see on these mail lists.
> Please try and break it, or send suggestions to myself or Dean.
> We'll have post capability in short-order.
> Thanks.
> -D