View Full Version : Discussion list overload and Gossamer Forum

Jim McCall
2004-12-27, 14:50
I for one, don't mind the volume, but the forum would probably work better
considering the volume. I just dl all the mail and it goes in a folder.
Eventually there are thousands of emails from slim and I just look at what
I can. Eventually I unthread it and delete old ones. It is painless and

If I switched to a forum, this would be the benefits:

1) providing the forum had a "email me when someone replies to the topic I
just posted to", I can follow things that interest me specifically.

2) I would never have to delete old messages, so threads that still might
interest me would still be in my grasp.


>> Hi Folks,
>> I'd like to get some feedback from folks on the list about the volume
>> of mail on this discussion list.
>> Despite doing my best to configure my mailer, I'm feeling overwhelmed
>> by the volume of messages. The vast majority of the traffic is great,
>> but we may be reaching the breaking point on the list.
>> One would be to split the list into multiple smaller lists, but I fear
>> that this would fragment the community too much.
> Or worse, wouldn't fragment the community at all -- the result would
> probably be very little reduction of traffic in discuss, despite creation
> of audiophile/plugin/performance/&c lists.
>> Personally, I prefer mailing lists to web-based forums, but I think
>> we're reaching the limit of what's manageable on a discussion list.
>> The leading candidate is Gossamer Forum.
>> <http://www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/gforum/index.htm>
>> One nice feature of Gossamer Forums is that it allows e-mail
>> subcriptions, which lets folks get daily digests if they prefer. I'd
>> like to hear some feedback on this move, especially if anyone has
>> experience with this specific product.
> I agree this list's traffic is going beyond what I have interest in
> following. That said, I expect that a transition to forum mode would kill
> what's left of my participation in it, even with an emailed index.
> Perhaps a better solution would be to not read the mails that are on
> subjects you're not interested in? Certainly a lower investment in time
> than configuring a new forum system.