View Full Version : My Apps still listed on controller, but disappeard from LMS web player

2017-01-09, 01:00
All of a sudden, the LMS web player doesn't have anything under My Apps except "Apps Gallery". My controller still has them. (I think this developed right after I went to play something under My Music). I've been streaming TIDAL for months connecting via My PC, as I still am. Favorites are all still there in the LMS web player.

When I click Apps Gallery, it takes me to MySB.com, where my apps do appear.

I've done a couple of reboots, including with pressing the + on the controller, but nothing brings back My Apps on the LMS web player, and that's what I like to use to browse through TIDAL, for example.

Help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

2017-01-09, 01:49
Do you have your mysqueezebox.com creds set in LMS ?

And no DNS problems ? check the log files ?

If you have the credential correctly entered , try a restart of LMS only not the whole machine .

Use latest 7.9 its more tolerant regarding these issues.

2017-01-09, 02:20
Thanks so much for your quick and most helpful reply, Mnyb. I re-entered my credentials and my apps are back. (I wish all my problems were so easily solved lol).