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2004-12-27, 11:51
Yes, your reciever has a built in DAC, there is no other way for it to
process the TOSLINK SPDIF input.

A separate DAC would be a box that would sit between the squeezebox and the
amplifier. It would be toslink from the squeezebox into the DAC and then an
analog connection from the DAC into a free analog connection on the kenwood

Yes, a higher end reciever MIGHT have a better built in DAC. Before
investing in a better reciever/amplifier answer the following questions.

What format is your music ripped in? (If not FLAC, Ogg, Itunes lossless or
high bitrate MP3 the benefits of a better DAC are marginal if anything).

How good are your speakers (upgrading your speakers will usually offer a 10
fold improvement in audio quality compared to spending money on a better

What volume level do you listen to your music at? (At lower volume levels
the improvements mentioned are much less noticeable).

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I have read a bunch of posts relating to DACs and I am just a bit confused.
Right now I have the squeezebox graphic output to a relatively humble
Kenwood receiver via a TOSLINK cable.

Some questions:

does my receiver have a built-in DAC?

What would change for me if I got a separate DAC? Where would it go?

With what kind of cables do you hook up a separate DAC?

Would a high end receiver/amp have a much better DAC built in?