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2016-12-04, 07:32
Sorry, I feel shure it should exist threads in this direction, but I did not manage to find one:
I want to stream the audio of my android 5.0 smartphone to my squeezeboxes (SB radio, Logitech Media Server on QNAP NAS). Is there an app or other possibility to do so?

My streaming service is Freegal. I did not find an Squeezebox compatible app to run the service directly on SB. IckStream could be a possibility, but up to my knowledge, Freegal has not yet been implemented.

2016-12-04, 08:39
Wavinput plugin is the usual response, assuming your LMS server has an audio input you can get to (or plug a chromecast into).

2016-12-04, 09:09
Maybe some combination of UPnP? UPnP plugin on LMS and UPnP server on your phone.

2016-12-05, 23:46
Thank you for your input.
@drmatt: Since LMS is running on my QNAP, I don't have a possibilty to get my audio stream into the system by chromecast etc.

@Apesbrain: I tried Upnp. Everything is fine. I activated Upnp in LMS, now I can see the squeezeboxes as dlna clients on my phone. BUT I can't send the freegal stream, because android does not allow to stream the audio output, and the freegal app does not have an option to select dlna clients to be delivered with the stream.

2016-12-06, 00:40
Aha. DRM. Not much you can do then other than root your phone or connect its analogue audio out to an input that can be streamed from.

2016-12-13, 04:20
Am also looking to achieve this. I just bought a JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth speaker, but then I thought, "hey I have a SB Boom and Radio, why not use those?". The audio quality of these products far outshines the JBL (although for a portable battery powered speaker it's not that bad at all). So there must be a way right?

Analogue cable: works fine but volume is low in my experience and wireless is just so much more comfortable
BT adaptor??
Wifi direct??

I don't have my server running 24/7, so would prefer and "offline" solution.

Ideas, experiences?

2016-12-13, 14:21
Maybe this can help? http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?104572-Announce-SendToSqueezebox-Android-app

I am not an Android user, I just noticed this thread and that you were requesting something that can likely be solved by this app. Good luck.

2016-12-13, 17:00
Or this (or equivalent):

2016-12-14, 00:16
The killer solution would be a software streaming target e.g. a software chromecast, but I think development of that would be a bit of a slog.

2016-12-14, 02:31
Analog in on boom , low volume ? There is a setting for that , analog out on stuff vary so input sensitivity is a setting .