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2004-12-23, 13:59
Some folks have mail programs that do this by default and it's not always
easy to find out where to change the settings.

Another reason I'm glad we will soon have the option to use a forum
interface to this list.

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>>Subject: [slim] Diagnosing dropouts
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>>Michael Haan wrote:
>>>Not sure what you mean by wall-warts, but each outlet hosting a
>>>powerline adapter also hosts a powerstrip to which are connected (in
>>>one case), my networking equipment - linksys router, linksys WAP54G,
>>>cable modem, Vonage VOIP, linksys powerline bridge - and (in the
>>>other case) some av equipment - tv, tivo,amp, dvd player and cable
>>>box. It's been running fine like this for weeks until today. One
>>>more interesting point - the sb is currently reporting it can't find
>>>slim, but slim is running AND I can ping the sb over that link.
>>wall warts are those fist-sized power adapter plugs, typicall poorly

>>engineered and very noisy. I'll bet that the powerline adapter
>>instructions probably say not to set it up on a powerstrip with all
>>that gear :)
>>yup, first item in the FAQ:
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