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2004-12-23, 13:11
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>>Subject: [slim] Diagnosing dropouts
>>Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 11:56:20 -0800
>>Michael Haan wrote:
>>>Not sure what you mean by wall-warts, but each outlet hosting a
>>>powerline adapter also hosts a powerstrip to which are connected
>>>(in one case), my networking equipment - linksys router, linksys
>>>WAP54G, cable modem, Vonage VOIP, linksys powerline bridge - and
>>>(in the other case) some av equipment - tv, tivo,amp, dvd player
>>>and cable box. It's been running fine like this for weeks until
>>>today. One more interesting point - the sb is currently reporting
>>>it can't find slim, but slim is running AND I can ping the sb over
>>>that link.
>>wall warts are those fist-sized power adapter plugs, typicall poorly

>>engineered and very noisy. I'll bet that the powerline adapter
>>instructions probably say not to set it up on a powerstrip with all
>>that gear :)
>>yup, first item in the FAQ:
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