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Michael Haan
2004-12-23, 12:46
I do have a Linksys WAP54G - two to be exact.  One is for laptops, tivo et. al.  The second is for sb's and runs on a seperate channel.  However, note that currently, only on sb runs wireless and it is fine.  The problem child is currently hard wired through the powerline and does not at any point go wireless to get to slim.

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>Sounds like we have the exact same types of issues.  What type of

>wireless network do you have?  I have the Linksys WAP54G as my AP

>running in mixed mode with 128 WEP encryption.


>I am leaning more toward the network being the issue, but it would

>be great to understand the Slimserver buffering strategy -


>How big is that buffer in the Squeezebox and how does the

>Slimserver.pl fill it? A bigger buffer would help with what seems to

>be relatively short lived drops.




>Michael Haan wrote:


>>I've been trying to track down this ghost in the machine as well.  

>>Last night, I had squeeze running while I monitored the buffer and

>>ran KDE monitor on the linux box running slimserver.  For the most

>>part, everything was fine, but twice (when the drop-out occurred) I

>>saw the buffer go to zero.  The CPU showed no appreciable increase

>>in load (in fact, it decreasedduring the dropout), there was zero

>>swap, no increase in physical memory and no increase in average

>>load.  In the first case, a few seconds later the buffer refilled

>>and the cpu rose to it's pre-dropout level.  In the second case,

>>the buffer dropped to zero and stayed there, the cpu dropped, and

>>all other indications were the same as the first.  Eventually, the

>>squeeze reported it couldn't find slimserver even though I verified

>>it was running.  Powering-off and on the squeeze caused it to be

>>able to find slimserver.  In this instance, I was streaming FLAC

>>over powerline to a squeezeG from slimserver 5.4.  Any thoughts





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