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Nic Wardle
2004-12-23, 11:52
Thanks all for the comments - always interesting to hear your thoughts. I
know the users in this community are likely to be biases etc towards the SB,
but no harm in asking, hey?!! :)

Sorry about the multiple "posts" to this topic (it may even happen again),
but the email address I use for slim discuss, is not one provided by my ISP
and I cannot reply to email thru my ISP with another smtp mailbox (yet -
they are enabling authentication in the next few weeks I believe!) I have to
use the web mail version of my "slim email address" provider and that seems
to stop it threading normally!!

Was interested to see in my trawl for info on other media servers that this
web site has us down as Simple Devices!!




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Phillip Kerman wrote:

> I'm sold on the squeezebox and would tend to get a third one if I needed

> another... but I don't get all the immediate reaction to roku every time

> it's brought up.


> --Personally, I do think theirs looks better... but I haven't seen it in

> person.


> --The issue about open-source is sort of twisted. Sure, slim server is

> source... but doesn't that mean someone else can use it? It is a little

> icky the way roku doesn't mention slimserver is optimized for SB... but

> what I can tell, you can use roku without it.


When they first started using Slimserver, they were not very open about

it. This created a bad impression that has lingered. Looking through

their forums now, they seem to be much clearer about when they're using

Slimserver and when they're using their own software. Their forums also

make it clear that they see the same performance problems with

Slimserver that this community does. I see wireless support, I see

Internet radio, I see iTunes and WMA support, I see DRM support through

their own software, and I see a spiffy server appliance.

> --I totally agree about slim support begin good. But a) I don't know what

> roku's is like and b) one hopes that an ideal product doesn't need much

> support.


Their forums are full of helpful messages from RokuMike, Senior Software


> --I have yet to hear anyone who actually owns a roku chime in. Until

> ALL the discussion on this list is either heresay or, at worst,


There's definitely a lot of groupthink on this issue. I've seen some bad

reviews of the device and some good reviews of the device, which is of

course the same sort of thing you'll see with any piece of consumer

electronics. The magazines that throw away the reviewer's guide and hand

the product to the Samsonite gorilla print bad reviews. "Koko couldn't

figure out how to play music with either product, but she did give high

marks to the Squeezebox's scrumptiously bitable textured paint."



> I'm not looking for a fight, I'm just saying it's not as cut and dried.

> And the immediate reaction sometimes seems defensive.


> Thanks,

> Phillip

I bought Slim because it was the open source, Linux-supporting option,

and it was first to market with a groovy bit of gear (I like the funky

look of SliMP3s as much or more as the Squeezebox... in fact, I'd quite

like a retro-squeezebox with the new display stuck behind a chunk of

shaped plexiglass).


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