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2016-11-05, 08:42

So I have a receiver in the loft (wired to the bathroom speakers), its currently wireless but will only connect to the wireless downstairs... the wireless in the loft a couple of metres away from it, it can see but won't connect (SB Radio connects fine to it) so the wireless level is average. Next to the receiver is a LAN switch, so i want to flick the receiver from wireless to LAN.

I've looked at UDP Tool but it seems broken and throws up a lot of errors and doesn't find the receiver. Can I SSH into it and change the setting somehow? I tried factory resetting the receiver but that doesn't ever come up with an option to select LAN, just gives me wireless networks options.

How can I do it?


2016-11-05, 08:54
Without a controller only way is via UDP tool.

Swap it for a Pi.

2016-11-05, 14:11
The receiver needs to be Ethernet attached and in a factory reset state to do the setup with Net::UDAP

2016-11-05, 19:07
Yes that's the thing cable must be attached and you must be in factory reset hold button until fast flashing red

2016-11-06, 10:00
Thanks for the suggestions.

I finally managed to switch it to LAN connection using a SBC, I couldn't get UDAP to work even after installing it in Ubuntu. The SBR boot/setup process seems a bit hit and miss, so I built a separate LAN with LMS, a DHCP server and Wireshark to check what was going on.

Few things I noticed;
Have to hard reset the SBC (hold plus and power button) as well as the SBR to get it in the right mode
The SBR seems to not have a failback IP if there is no DHCP and aimlessly scans and switches networks
The SBR seems to hold on to an IP even after changing networks so needs to be cycled twice to release and renew

Got there in the end :)