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Christopher Jacob
2004-12-22, 16:20
> --The issue about open-source is sort of twisted. Sure, slim server
> open
> source... but doesn't that mean someone else can use it? It is a
> icky the way roku doesn't mention slimserver is optimized for SB...
> from
> what I can tell, you can use roku without it.

In my opinion the advantage of open source is simple. It allows skilled
developers from all over the world to develop plugins, fix bugs, and add
enhancements. Now before you dismiss this consider the other two

"Magic Box" type applications, where the company discourages _any_ sort
of user enhancement or interaction other than what was intended. Think
telecom... (although Asterisk is quickly on it's way to fixing that... )
With this type of approach you rely completely on the company for not
only support but for any future improvements or enhancements. What's the
average size of an engineering department? Compare that with the amount
of developers participating in OSS.

The next level up would be a "closed" source company that provides API's
to allow developers to add functionality and interoperability with other
products. SlimServer interacts with other commercial products via
various API's. Again, you have the support and enhancement limitation.

The amazing amount of enhancements that have been made in the short time
(6 months?) I have owned my squeezebox simply wouldn't have been
possible with any of the other available products.

Besides... when was the last time you saw Bill Gates personally
responding to emails on a MS Media Center list?? :)

Got to go set the table for dinner....