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2016-10-29, 11:30

how do you listen your music library from work? Which sw you use to connect to LMS?

What ports you need to fw, 9090,9000,...?

2016-10-29, 11:40
From what device?
This gives an overview. It's iPeng-centric but should work for other player as well

2016-10-29, 11:51
It has to be Windows or web app.

2016-10-29, 21:23
SqueezePlay or SoftSqueeze then

2016-10-30, 05:13
I use Squeezeplay and a pair of high quality USB Active Speakers via a VPN. Works great. A VPN is essential. Port forwarding works but in all probability you will be port scanned and someone will try to hack your server.

2016-10-30, 08:55
If you have a router that supports open vpn its super easy , i use my phone in the car or at work and hotels etc , listens with iPeng on my phone i prefer to not clutter the work pc

2016-10-30, 10:56
You can also run Subsonic or a similar media server running on the same hardware as Squeezebox at the same time. Works well for me. There are player apps available free of charge for every platform.

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2016-11-03, 14:43
Too bad that web player wasnt developed. Tnx for suggestions i have set up plex server and it works ok.

2016-11-03, 23:56
Install Neorouter server and client on your LMS pc and the client on your work pc.

I use Squeezelite as player on my work pc and hide the command window with hstart.

http://www.neorouter.com/downloads (Neoruter free). For ReadyNAS (ARM) the Raspbian package works fine.


Control Squeezelite with standard LMS or any other controler.

2016-11-13, 11:40
Is anyone also just streaming from a dlna server? Saves complications at the client end.

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Grumpy Bob
2016-11-13, 12:20
I set up LMS on a Western Digital WiFi My Passport drive as described here (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?105512-Portable-squeezebox-with-a-Western-Digital-quot-Passport-Wireless-quot). I bring it home periodically and sync it with the main library, which is on a QNAP NAS.

At work I have a Raspberry Pi model B with a HiFiBerry DAC, connected to an Amptastic amp and a pair of bookshelf speakers.