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2004-12-22, 14:36
>> nic (AT) nwardle (DOT) freeserve.co.uk 12/22/2004 4:06:37 PM >>>
>First sorry for such a cr*p title to this subject but I couldn't
>think of a better way to describe it!!
>I have recently had 2 close friends come over and they both
>left in admiration of my beloved squeezebox setup.... Both
>are computer savvy and went away to "research" themselves
>into media servers (despite my proclamations they were
>wasting their time!!)

Nah, it's always better for peoeple to find out for themselves.
I had the same situation, and the one guy bought a competing
product. I've spent some time helping him, but give him
flack every time he calls. He knows it's painful to call, and has
told me the issue he has is the squeezebox does not "look"
like a nice piece of high quality audio gear. He is into the
name thing - bose, denon, etc. all the way. In my opinion,
I've spent roughly 1/5 of the $$ he has and my system
sounds about 2x as good as his.

>Both have (independently I may add) returned to me asking
>what advantage we (the squeezebox clan) have over the
>enemy (!) - roku.

Roku = leeches. Are these guys open source or linux people?
If so, you can't seriously consider these folks. For goodness
sake - they sell those stupid "image packs" for a sound playing
device! As a matter of fact, tell them to go buy a roku, and
then start asking them if they can play all the formats
the squeezebox can. Ask them if they can syncronize the
roku with a software player? Ask them if they can display rss
feeds on their squeezebox? Ask them if they can use their
roku as a remote x10 controller interfaced to Mr. Home
or xpl?

>Now - without wanting a slanging match over the two devices,
>what would you all say the advantages of the SB are over the
>Roku?? The only thing I reckon Roku has going for it is the look
>of their device (and that is obviuosly going to vary from personal

Yuck. Looks like a paper towel tube.

>Things I can think of at the moment:
>1) Excellent support

None better.

>2) Regular server/firmware updates

Same with Roku. Oh wait, they use slimserver...

>3) Ability to use iTunes if you wish

You can even use iTunes if you have a windows box but run
slimserver on linux!

>4) Large variety of format support

Variety? You can have it any way you like as long as it's
e-mail - oh wait. There's the forum by e-mail. And then
there's e-mail by forum.

>5) Not having to create a playlist of radio stations (we have

But you can if you want. Slimdevices has even graciously built
one for us!

>Help me out here everyone, I think I have 2 more customers on the
>But I am trying to be objective, as they are both good friends!!

If they are good friends - politely tell them you did the research and

decided the squeezebox was best for you. If they don't
see the obvious choice, tell them to go do the research and
buy the product they think fits their needs best. Then laugh at
them when they return it and buy a sqeezebox.

>Many thanks
>PS: I like the readability of the forum Beta!!

Good luck,