View Full Version : Squeeze Box as a DLNA Client - How to select from the Remote Control?

2016-10-22, 04:25
Dear Squeeze Box friends,

in my home network I've installed a DLNA server and I would like to hear its music at my Squeeze Boxes.

This is running well. In the LMS web interface the menu system contains an entry about my DLNA server in the "My Music" branch. After its selection I can navigate through the server's hierarchy structure and select a music entry. And the best of all: I can hear the music at the corresponding Squeeze Box.

And now my problem: Ich can't see how I can select the DLNA server on the Squeeze Box site (i.e. with the remote control, e.g. with the controller device of the Squeeze Box Duo).

- I can't see any matching menu entry, not even in the "My Music" branch (as in the web interface).
- I can't see any corner, where I could create this additional menu entry.

Also my Squeeze Box app on my mobile can't help me in this issue.

Do you have any idea?

Have a nice weekend

2016-10-22, 04:41
There simply is no menu for that, it's just available in the web interface.

LMS 7.9 _might_ fix that, there was a discussion around it but I don't remember how it panned out, it might have become added when remote server support was added, Michael will know more.