View Full Version : Need advice about Napster/Rhapsody not working on old LMS version

2016-10-21, 19:39

I am writing because Rhapsody/Napster stopped working on my Squeezeboxes a few weeks ago. Actually, some tracks play, and other tracks do not.

I have been using Squeezebox on 2 Touches for quite a few years. My server software is still 7.6.2 running on Windows 7. At one time, I updated my server software, but the new web interface skins that were available did not work well with my screen reader. I am blind. I interact with the server using a screen reader and Internet Explorer. The interface skin I use with 7.6 is called "Light".

I want to get Rhapsody working again, and I am guessing that I might finally need to update my LMs. Does that seem correct? I could use a recommendation on which version of LMS I should try to update to. I know there is a 7.8, and a 7.9 that I think is called the community build. I do not really know what that means. Can anyone offer me some insight?

Many thanks,
Tom Shults

P.S. Its a good thing my wife was here to solve the posting captia.

2016-10-22, 04:51
I'm not 100% sure about this but I seem to remember someone tried to port some of the old skins to LMS 7.9, don't know what came out of it.
There are also some alternative web APIs recently, maybe they work better with screen readers.

2016-10-22, 04:53
Here's one, for example: Announce: Squeeze-Controller [windows,linux,osx] Alpha, Testers Wanted

https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%3A%2F%2Fforums%2Eslimdevices%2E com%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D105966&share_tid=105966&share_fid=813&share_type=t

2016-10-22, 14:41

Thanks very much for your reply. Just now I went ahead and updated to the latest 7.8.1 build, and to my surprise, it did have the Light skin. Perhaps someone added it back in subsequent to the version in which I did not find it. Maybe I will also find it in the 7.9 version you referenced.

Rhapsody now works! In fact, the home screen even calls it Napster. I am surprised it worked for as long as it did, because in a post over a year ago, Michael Mherger indicated that an update was required.

I will check the alternative web API that you referenced, just to have another play method in my arsenal. It is really great that you guys keep the Squeezebox infrastructure updated. I am grateful to whoever added the Light skin back in, just as I am very grateful to Jörg Schwieder for building VoiceOver support into iPeng. I use that about as much as the web interface.

Many thanks,
Tom Shults

2016-10-24, 00:30
Hi Tom,

The Light skin is the mother of all skins. It has always been there: the
others do inherit from it.

Yes, Rhapsody changed name to Napster, and they changed their streaming
a while back. Maybe they left the old stuff in for some kind of grace
period. But from what I've heard they plan to do more changes, soon.
We'll see whether I can keep up with the development...