View Full Version : Multiple CD Sorting

Matthew Horn
2004-12-22, 11:34
Hi there,

This is probably an obvious question - can anyone help me solve it?

I have a squeeze box, all running latest live software and firmware.

I've come across a really odd problem.

My PC that runs the slim server also has i-tunes and slimserver is set to
use the settings from there.

I have taken a compilation album with two discs, for example "Now 32 CD1"
and "Now 32 CD2". Both show in the correct order on the
server/squeezebox/softqueeze. Within i-tunes I set the Album name for the
first CD to "Now 32" and set the Disc number to 1 of 2. Displaying on the
squeezebox with the new album name it showed all tracks in the correct
order. I then named the second CD "Now 32" and set the Disc number to 2 of
2. When I look on the squeezebox/softsqueeze or even the server itself it
now lists all the tracks in an odd order, instead of 1-1, 1-2, 1-3... 2-1,
2-2, 2-3... It now says 2-13, 1-7, 2-5, 1-13, 2-18. Looking more closely it
appears to be now sorting the CD by Artist. I dropped the cache and
rescanned just to be sure.

Is there some way I can change this to sort by track number instead of

Many thanks for your help