View Full Version : Odd plugin question

2016-10-18, 12:39
I recently bought a gigantic 10,000 lux SAD lamp which I have rigged up to a Squeezebox, my alarm clock. The SAD lamp is plugged into an X10 appliance socket that I can control from my LMS Linux host to turn the SAD lamp on automatically when the alarm clock is triggered. I have it all working, with the SAD lamp activation delayed for five minutes after the alarm starts the radio. As I was not prepared to buy another alarm clock that can raise the light level gradually, this one comes on instantly when powered. Of course this presents a problem that I might be looking directly at it as it turns on and I'm not conscious enough to cover my eyes for the first minute or two.

So to my question...does the plugin functionality of LMS allow me to insert an audible alert over an already playing audio stream (like the beep, beep alarm sound)? I'm quite prepared to write the plugin, but I cannot identify if this is even possible. Even better if a plugin exists already that could do this via some kind of scripted event. Any suggestions are welcome.