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2016-10-15, 05:42

After years of more or less trouble free use of LMS for music play back, i now have issues.

First my setup.

Running LMS om a synology ds 213+, i have a duet receiver that connects to my stereo, An Joggler with Squeezeplay for controls only. A coupe of laptops who control the music via the web browser, Squeeze Controller on my phone and a radio in the kitchen.

We started off with not being able to access the music like we normally do and so i decided to do some updating, since that has not been done since years.

I quickly learnt that there is a new LMS version for the NAS so i decided to update the Nas software and the LMS plugin. So now i am running dsm 6.0.2-8451 and LMS 7.9.0-161.1091

I am now able to play music but the system is running like sh.t. I have hiccups in playback, songs that stop half way thru playing, general stopping of play back, very laggy or non responsif controls from all devices, zipping to the last song of the album at hand.. ect

Basically from a super solid system i now have a total mess.

I am not at all in the loop on where developments and setup stiles have gone over the years. Can somebody please send me off in the right direction to get back to a solid setup ?

2016-10-15, 14:18
Wired on wireless?

2016-10-15, 17:47
Wired on wireless?


2016-10-16, 00:30
Which version was previously installed?
How did you update LMS, clean install?
Did you already tried to remove the current installation and re-install LMS?
Do you have the same problems on the Radio and the Duet?

2016-10-16, 01:00
The symptoms you describe are consistent with poor wireless signal. Try wiring a player and report whether it is the same

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2016-10-16, 02:05
Good morning,

After skipping thru the settings menu and finding all kinds of new features and options in lms, i changed a few things in the performance tab. Most of all a boosted up the server priority and disabled statistics.

Fired up the system and low and behold running like clock work.

I am now thinking that my nas was running some defrag or other cleanup after upgrading to dsm6 and was hence a bit short on cpu.

Pinkdot thank you very much for the time and effort you put into keeping lms uptodate in dsm !! Kudos