View Full Version : Triode Spotify App/Helper app not running

2016-09-29, 11:56
getting error msg: connection reset by remote host. I check the settings in lms and run test and it says helper app not running. Using vortexbox.

Any ideas why this keeps going fubar?

2016-09-29, 12:38
uninstalled and re-installed triode's spotify app and now it's working again...I've had to do this multiple times recently. Any others having this problem?

2016-10-02, 10:12
Everything is working great w/ LMS 7.9 on Ubuntu 16.04, including Triode's Spotify plugin.

2016-10-11, 19:54
I also find Spotify works better with my current config (see sig) than with the previous (stable) config, where it would constantly flake out.

2017-05-27, 08:03
IN some way related to this... suddenly the Web UI doesn't show the Spotify apps (official app and protocol handler apps). The plug-ins are enabled. Bizarre.

2017-05-30, 06:40
Every once in awhile Spotify (using official app and Triode's helper) will stop playing - it looks like it's playing, but not sound. Installing the latest nightly fixes it, so far. If this didn't work, would probably take time to diagnose.... Generally seems to happen after I've been traveling and haven't used the system for few days, most likely coincidental.

2017-06-07, 17:36
It magically fixed itself after a restart or two :-)