View Full Version : Diagnosing dropouts

Michael Amster
2004-12-22, 01:17
I have been trying to minimize or eliminate the dropouts in my home
system with a Squeezebox.

My setup looks like this:

Server - Slim Server 5.4.1 running on a loafing Fedora Core 3 Linux box
(dual CPU 500MHz w/512MB RAM). The server is usually around 12% CPU.
Perl is version 5.8.5.

My SoftSqueeze sees a consistent 45-55% signal from my wireless
network. When I watch the buffer I can see it drop from 100% to 0% in
one sample and that's when the skip occurs.

I am stream Flac files at full bitrate - this is my goal as this is the
big boy stereo and I am retiring my CD carousel to be all FLAC music on
a server in the garage.

Wireless is a Linksys WAP54G access point run WEP w/128 bit encoding. I
see 93% signal across the house.

Any thoughts on how to isolate this issue? I have heard people say that
the 5.3 server "seemed" better in respect to the dropout issue. Any
help appreciated.