View Full Version : Assign either a script or a menu item to a squeezebox boom preset button

2016-09-25, 00:53
Hi there,

I have a number of squeezebox booms along with a vera home automation system. I use the "Squeezed Vera" plugin to access a number of vera scenes and I also used to assign those scenes to boom preset buttons with Kidsplay.

I've managed to lose the kidsplay plugin as the repo has disappeared. So I'm looking for help with any of the below to try and re-establish my shortcuts to scenes using the boom preset buttons,

- Does anyone know what has happened to Kidsplay and any alternative ways of getting the plugin? This URL (http://www.tux.org/~peterw/slim/KidsPlay.html) no longer works
- Is there a way to assign a menu item to a boom preset? If there was I could assign a preset to one of the Squeezed Vera menus
- Is there another plugin that allows for batch files to be assigned to boom preset buttons

Thanks very much,


2016-09-25, 06:01
Hello, I had in February a question for "KidsPlay plugin"
The former email address was

At that time he replied.

2016-09-28, 07:05
Unfortunately that entire domain, the plugin repository along with his email address is down.

If anyone has the plugin and is able to direct message it to me, it would be appreciated.

2016-09-30, 02:43
If anyone has the plugin and is able to direct message it to me, it would be appreciated.

I attached the code of the plugin to this message.

@All: Could somebody give this plugin a new home on another repository (It's GPL-licensed)?

I could host it on my repository and try to keep it alive (it still works fine with a recent 7.9 server), but perhaps a more experienced squeezebox developer would be better suited than me.

2016-10-02, 21:47
Thanks so much! All working again now.