View Full Version : Salling Clicker?

Paul M
2004-12-21, 21:16
I had put this in the back of my mind until I saw the post 'Telecanto'.
I'm not sure what order it came in but I upgraded slimserver to 5.3.1 and I
also had a major crash on my Tungsten T3 where I had to do a hard reset.
Since then I have had problems using salling Clicker with the slimserver. I
can no longer see my navigation ( I can move forward/backward, see what
songs playing) but to get to that point I get e.g searching my playlist I
get 1of10 [line...] whereas before I could see my playlist by name. I tried
sending an e-mail to salling clicker but have not received an answer. The
more I think about it though I believe it may have something to do with the
slimserver upgrade, all the other applications work no problem just like
before (iTunes, VLC, Mail) When I saw the post Telecanto then I started
to think it may have been when I upgraded slimserver. I was hopining
Slimserver 5.4 would do the trick but no luck. Has anyone else come across
this problem? I'm not sure I have explained it well but needless to say it
no longer works as before, any help would be much appreciated.