View Full Version : Small solutions for powering the squeezebox in small rooms

Brent Aliverti
2004-12-21, 14:23
Another in-depth review of Swans M200 is at

They compare them against a few other speakers, including the Klipsch
ProMedia 2.1. I bought these at BestBuy for $155 and feel they were good
speakers with nice sound but a little overpriced for what they were so I
took them back. I was debating whether I should repurchase them from Amazon
at $115 or pay a bit more to get something slightly better. I've been
looking at the Swans lately and they seem worth checking out but NewEgg is
currently out of stock. A nice thing about the Swans is they have individual
adjustments for treble and bass. Some speakers are omitting these controls
these days.