View Full Version : Anybody familiar with this problem?

2016-09-02, 08:01

Hey guys,

Does anybody recognize this behavior?
What i notice:

- it's difficult to get a song to play.
- when i play an album, it only (if at all) plays 1 track. Then it stops. Sometimes, when i skip to the next track it starts playing.
- a big delay between my controller/app and the actual playback. Changing the volume can take up 30 seconds.

I have no idea what may be causing this error, and i fear its hardware related...
Anybody with an idea?

2016-09-02, 08:59
network issue

search for setup the duet receiver

2016-09-02, 23:11
I reset my duet to the factory settings, but it did not help. Or do you mean something different?

2016-09-03, 00:41
Classic wi-fi problem especially the delays .

What about the server and wifi ?

2016-09-03, 00:49
Server wired? Everything on same subnet? No guest network? IP conflict? Check all devices on network for possible duplicate IP?
Try connecting Duet directly to MySB.com, issue go away playing internet radio?

2016-09-10, 00:12
Sorry for the delay.
Well, i think you guys are right. It seems to be network related. My nas is running my LMS, and there seem to be some connectivity issues to my nas.
There are more problems occurring that are not squeezebox related.
I'll try to fix it.

2016-10-02, 11:30
Just a post for anyone experiencing the same problems: It turned out to be a faulty utp-cable running from my switch to my router. everything is fixed now.