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Tony Pagliaroli
2004-12-21, 11:13
Subject: [slim] Small solutions for powering the squeezebox in small rooms
Ben Klaas wrote:
> hola slimcommunity-
> I've had my squeezebox for under a week, and I'm already scheming on how
> to get another one into my house. I'd like to use one in my bedroom, and
> I don't have much room there. Any thoughts on good solutions for
> powering the squeezebox in a small space?
> I've searched around on the net and gotten a couple of ideas:
> kloss model 1 or 2 from tivoli:
> http://www.tivoliaudio.com/product.php?productid=170&cat=&page=
> panasonic mini-amp and speakers:
> http://www2.panasonic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/vModelDetail?displayTab=O&storeId=11251&catalogId=11005&itemId=61275&catGroupId=11154&modelNo=SC-HDX2&surfModel=SC-HDX2

Really, the bigger problem for me is convincing the wife that I need a
SqueezeBox in EVERY room of the house!

I use mine connected to a wave radio on occasion - especially for
testing stuff out - and it sounds great.