View Full Version : Thanks for all the support. 2x SBRadio and 1xSBReceiver for sale

2016-08-24, 08:58
I checked and it seems to be permitted to let the community know when you have SB tech for sale. I suspect it's SBClassic and SBTouch that folk would be most interested in, but, just in case you are waiting for the chance to get your hands on a used SBRadio or a used SBReceiver, this is a heads up. I've 2x SBRadio and 1xSBReceiver for sale on eBay (auctions ending Sunday).

SBRadio Black http://www.ebay.ie/itm/232057429014
SBRadio White http://www.ebay.ie/itm/232057436107
SBReceiver http://www.ebay.ie/itm/232057476836

Perhaps I was doing it all wrong, but the effort of curating a music library using EAC, mp3tag, FileZilla and LMS etc. became too much. My last album in LMS is 2013. What happened? Spotify and Overcast on iOS (and fatherhood!). Trying to synchronise podcasts with Overcast on iOS left me preferring to airplay. When the SBRadios started hopping to mysb.com instead of staying with the server when using Spotify, it lost wife acceptance factor (easier for her to play from her phone). When Logitech stopped caring, it lost my acceptance factor. Then Spotify upped its game with Spotify Connect. I'll keep LMS, Squeezeplay, iPeng and Airbridge on board for legacy music. Thanks for all the support. If it wasn't for Slim Devices, I would not have bought a ReadyNAS (Infrant, yay, and now Netgear Pro, boo) or even a QNap for my parents. If it wasn't for Logitech being slow with a Sonos-beating remote, I would never have dabbled with Nokia 770. That was fun. Better than my HTC Tytn, but no match for iPod Touch. If it wasn't for great work by staff and community, I'd not have stuck around so long. Triode's plugins and Pippin apps keeping me stuck for longest. Thanks now to phiippe_44 for the Airplay Bridge that lets me cut the chord to these devices, but still lets me continue to paddle in these waters.