View Full Version : Importing/sharing playlists

Jim LaRue
2004-12-21, 07:26
My home music system stores music on drive F:/mymusic/album/artist/song.mp3......

I have created playlists on my home system at F:/mymusic/playlists/playlistname.m3u......

I have am setting up a Slimedevices music system at my cottage, and am basically using a portable usb harddrive and some synchronization software to keep the two systems synched up.

My cottage system has the music under drive E:/mymusic/album/artist/song.mp3..., and playlists under E:/mymusic/playlists/playlistname.m3u...

When I run Slimserver at the cottage, I can select the playlistname.m3u, however it is looking under drive F, so the playlist doesn't play.

Any thoughts on how to make this work? I guess I could workaround this and remap the drives at the cottage, but would prefer to make it more "automatic".