View Full Version : 24 bit??

2016-08-12, 01:35
I have just noticed that (for no reason I can think of - no upgrade, no setting changes......nothing), my DAC is all of a sudden reporting 24-bit for every track I play - even 16 bit tracks on my SBT.

This is of great concern, as obviously the output is not bit perfect.

What on earth could be wrong?

2016-08-12, 01:40
Squezeboxes always output 24 bit and it is bit perfect the last 8 bits are just padded zeros , untill you use the volume control or replay gain who operates in 24 bit. Otherwise the original 16 bits are untouched , they are just delivered a 24bit container .

This is within the spdiff standard , for example dts or hdcd coding still works . At 100% volume its bit-perfect

2016-09-09, 02:16
Wish my DAC reported its incoming data stream type!