View Full Version : Squeezebox v3 no longer booting

2016-08-10, 12:17

I'm a long-time user of Squeezebox devices, having multiple devices distributed around our home to play music and notifications of our home automation system.

One of the first devices I've bought (Squeezebox v3 with Slim Devices branding, dated 2005/06/30 on the PCB) recently started rebooting when playing songs. Until a few days ago that is, because all of a sudden when I approached the device to start a song I saw the display was dark.
Since then it shows no sign of life anymore when I apply power. This means: I apply power using a regulated and tested lab power supply, the device starts to consume 450 mA @ 5V but does not show anything on the display and it does not shine light from the optical output. It also does not broadcast a DHCP request on the wired network interface although it was configured to connect over that wired interface before it started acting up.

After extensive searches through the forums I've checked as much as I could to try to troubleshoot the device.

* power supply under load is stil OK
* factory reset does not help
* Xilinx reset does not help
* Removing the wireless card make no difference (well, the devices consumes less power, but it still does not show any signs of life)
* I've checked all voltages on the test points as described here: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?80209-SB3-almost-dead/page2 and they are all fine. So it looks like hardware-wise at least the power sections are working fine.

My assumption is that somehow the firmware of the controller or the bitfile of the FPGA has been damaged and hence the device does not boot.

Is there anything else that I can try to bring this device back to life? Any other obvious things I forgot to check?

Thank you,