View Full Version : Can I offer items for sale here?

2016-08-07, 12:33

Can any of the mods tell me if I am allowed to offer some SB items I have for sale on the forum please?

Don't want to break any rules....


2016-08-07, 12:42
I think you can as others have. Please say where you are geographically though as this forum is read across the western world.

2016-08-07, 13:48
Thank you for that.

I have the following available:

Two SB Radios, both with remote and batteries

One SB Boom with remote

Two SB duets

All are in very nice condition and except for one radio they are in original boxes. Due to a change in my circumstances they just aren't getting used and I'd like to see them go to an enthusiastic home!

I live in Hampshire, UK

PM if interested....