View Full Version : OT - problems with missing sections in my MP3s

Anthony James
2004-12-20, 03:52
I posted this a while ago but didnt get an answer:
I've ripped all of my CDs to MP3 but I seem to be getting a lot of
errors in the files. Originally I was using iTunes, then switched to
EAC with Lame 3.96.1 and alt preset extreme.

Along the way the partitions on my 'server' PC were lost and recovered
and I became aware that quite a lot of files had 'problem' sections.
Depending on the player thse would cause the track to prematurely end
(on my iPod) or to play silence for a number of seconds before
resuming later in the song on iTunes or Squeezeboxes, or most recently
just to 'jump' about 10 seconds (softsqueeze)

I'd put it down to either a problem when i recovered the partition
with the mp3 files on it or using the ripping PC for other tasks (it
has a digital TV card that gets used most of the time) .

I'd been noting the problem tracks and reripping them using an old
Athlon 800 and my laptop since they tend to be doing less whilst the
discs are ripping. Yesterday i noticed a problem in a file i'd ripped
in the last few days.

I cant seem to find postings about this sort of thing to suggest it as
being a common problem (most people seem to have no trouble ripping)
and it's really starting to get frustrating.

Could this be a hard disc problem on my server?