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John M.
2004-12-19, 23:16
John L Fjellstad wrote:

> You are basically describing the tivocommunity. There is one
> single product, TiVo. There are sub-forums centered around
> the TiVo (upgrades, tv show discussions that has been tivoed,
> feature requests etc etc).
> Tivocommunity is basically what you will be getting. And
> it's not a bad site. But I find the discussions here (and on
> other mailinglists) far superior.

No, that's not true at all. What we would get is THIS community. They're
totally different! The only similarity is that they're both web forums.
The nature of the discussion and the majority of the participants would not

> It's not about diverging, it's about sub-discussions. Since
> you're running Outlook, you probably aren't seeing this, but
> just this discussion has several subthreads. If you take a
> look at this thread, starting with you on Dec 17th (Message-Id:
> <200412172128.iBHLSceJ020969 (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com>), you
> have a subthread started by Jeff Allison and a subthread
> started by Philip Meyer.
> They both branch off in different directions, but they are
> still on-topic. A forum (or email system for that matter)
> without proper thread support, doesn't show this.

This is completely true. There's no topic branching on web forums. I am a
web forum user, so I don't even pay attention to branching. If branching is
helpful to you, you would really miss it on a web forum.

Thus concludes my last post on this topic. I look forward to being part of
the Squeezebox community however it gathers. :)

John M.