View Full Version : Performance of SlimServer on Linkstation

Marc D. Field
2004-12-19, 22:00

I installed the SlimServer on a Buffalo Linkstation recently. I was having
some performance problems, so I did some playing around and believe I have
found the culprit. I wanted to share my findings and see whether this
behavior is to be expected on a low-horsepower box like the Linkstation, or
whether it's something that should be filed as a bug.

Here's what was happening: I'd start the server and it would work fine.
MP3s and Internet Radio would play with no skipping. Menus would be very
responsive. After several hours, however, menus became sluggish. I'd
navigate to a radio station or song, and although I'd hit the play button,
I'd get no sound. The web interface would also be very sluggish. I'd
telnet into the Linkstation, and top would show slimserver.pl using ~98%

I tried turning off a bunch of plugins, such as auto-scan and rss. It
didn't help (CPU usage is very high during a scan, but it goes back to
normal when the scan is done). I then realized what was causing the
problem: I used to leave a web browser window open to my slimserver at all
times (FWIW, Opera on Linux). With that browser window closed, CPU usage
has been under 2% when not playing music for something like a week now.
Other than a 2-3 second delay when hitting the power button after the
SqueezeBox has been off for a while, the Linkstation is very responsive --
and very stable.

So, is this behavior to be expected? Or does this sound like a potential


Marc D. Field
lists (AT) fieldinternet (DOT) com