View Full Version : squeezebox all the sudedn having issues with pandora and radios: connection timed out

2016-07-03, 10:15
After plenty of years of great working I was greeted yesterday with "connection timed out" for Pandora streams or radio streams.
Noting in the setup changed. I tried to cycle AP, router, switches.

Does anyone know what could be going on?

2016-07-03, 12:21
Pandora working fine for me in the US on a free account. Tried deleting Pandora on MySB.com > My Apps? Then reload App and reenter your login info?

2016-07-03, 18:09
thanks for checking. I also have the same issue for direct radio stations.
I wonder if a recent win 7 patch update could have anything to do with it? Or dues the duet bypass the server?

2016-07-04, 03:47
Try switching the player directly to MySB.com (don't even need LMS computer running) see if issue persists. I'm running LMS on a Win7 fully updated just fine.

2016-07-04, 06:25
This morning everything was working again without any action. Strange, but I am ok for now.