View Full Version : TV no the network?

2016-07-01, 09:27
Is there a way to get my TV to stream on LMS? Hook up a FM transmitter to audio out? Latency a problem?
I am using Raspberry Pi 3 as my LMS with Piecoreplayer, 1 Tara bit drive, a squezeboon box and squeze lite. Would love to get my TV thru all these speakers.

2016-07-01, 11:23
There are two or three ways that you could try but none will be satisfactory due to lag.
One is to take the audio out from the TV directly into your server if it's Linux and use the WAV input plugin.
Another is to take the audio out to a Windows PC and then convert that to a stream that LMS can tune in to. There are variations on the latter with other OS.
I wouldn't bother trying though as there is nothing worse than TV with out of sync audio.