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2016-06-16, 17:18
I recently thought I had an issue with ReplayGain not working on one of my Squeezeboxes, but didn't have a simple unambiguous way to test it. So I created some short sound files of different volumes, and encoded them to FLAC with ReplayGain.

There are three 10-second files of pink noise, each being -6dB softer than the previous one. With ReplayGain working, they should all sound the same volume. More details are in the included .txt file. A Zip containing all four files is downloadable from:

I hope you find it as useful as I did (PS: my ReplayGain was working perfectly!).


2016-06-17, 02:41
... encoded them to FLAC with ReplayGain.

Out of interest, what encoder did you use to calculate the replaygain?
I suppose I could check the file out..