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Nic Wardle
2004-12-19, 10:07
Thanks KDF, have filed bug number 744 on this.


On Fri 17 Dec KDF wrote:
sounds like a bug, Nic. I was also having a similar problem using OSX 10.1.2
with 5.4. The file could not be found automatically. Please file this with
bugs.slimdevices.com so it can be tracked.


> Greetings all, and happy holidays for those who celebrate Crimbo!
> I wonder whether anyone could help me out on a problem I have with the auto
> detect of itunes folders/XML location?
> If I leave slimserver to automatically find the library file and folder, it
> doesn't, yet it specifies the right location in the boxes!! (ie my docs/my
> music/itunes/itunes music etc)
> If I then say let me specify the locations (and leave its "auto discovered"
> locations as is) then all works fine!!
> It seems to me that it can actually find them, just not use them.
> Anyone have any ideas?


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