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2016-05-29, 01:47
Just curious... For units that don't have USB (like the Transporter) can the firmware be upgraded without logging into mysqueezebox? Can you instead install the transporter_87.bin file from your servers hard drive? (If one has already downloaded it)

2016-05-29, 04:37
The firmware is embedded in LMS, it is (was) relased along LMS versions. If an update is necessary the player will inform you on-screen that a new firmware is available.
It's been like this since the start I think, before mysqueezebox.com came into existence for sure.
On my linux machine the firmwares are in: /usr/share/squeezeboxserver/Firmware/

2016-05-29, 05:50
OK, I see. So if someone wanted to run LMS 7.9 and (for whatever reason) firmware 80, then it's not possible...since firmware 87 is tied in with 7.9.

2016-05-29, 06:13
You could in the old days be promted by mysquezzebox.com to change fw if your local LMS lagged or was never than whatever runned at mysqueezebox.com

Mherger did some change so that mysqueezebox accepts newer fw versions than itself , this is mostly improved things if you owned a Touch ,not so much with old players , there have not been any development for years so its pretty stable , unless you for some reason installs a *really* old lms or squeezeboxserver or even slimserver.

So The realeses over the past couple of years have had the same fw for old players .

2016-05-29, 08:07
For a long time, I did run SC 7.3 with LMS 7.5 firmwares for my SB3 players (and Boom, I think)
What I'd do then was to download the new LMS version (if there was a firmware change), unpack it, get the .bin files and copy them over to my old SC 7.3 server.
It worked, but that was then. The now is: you want to do it the other way around, and the transporter is unsupported.
I'm not sure I would try...

EDIT: Be sure to read the README file in the Firmwares directory (or somewhere around there) if you attempt a swap project. I remember some players (Receiver, Boom??) needed firmwares be loaded in a specific order. You couldn't upgrade from any version to any, there were some obligatory milestone versions to pivot from. I suppose downgrading would require the same gymnastics.

EDIT2: Maybe the least risky way of doing this. Install a suitably old version of LMS in a virtual machine or a spare box. Shut down your regular LMS server.
See if Transporter wants to downgrade when connecting to the "old" server. If he does, before shutting down the old server, make sure you disable "auto-update" in firmware options in Transporter (on an SB3, that's an option you can navigate to after a looooong press on the left arrow key)
Now shut down the old server, start again your regular LMS server, and when Transporter asks to update firmware version, decline the opportunity (I don't remember how you'd do that, maybe there is a yes/no choice. It's easy to do.) Then if your Transporter finds LMS 7.9, shows the menus, plays and syncs ok, you're in business and you can shelve the VM.
If you encounter troubles, it means that those firmware changes were not all unwarranted after all :) And you'll need to return to the Transporter's firmware menu and accept the upgrade.

EDIT3: The LMS changelog (http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/Logitech/slimserver/blob/public/7.9/Changelog7.html) used to show firmware updates. You have to scroll down quite a bit to encounter the last one, in 7.6.0 -> Transporter - Version 87. This way you can backtrace which features might break under firmware 80.

Legalese: I am not recommending anyone to do this. Lucky owners, don't wreck your Transporters!

2016-05-29, 16:55
Ok, I MOSTLY get what you guys are saying. :D Right now I have a Touch and I'm thinking about buying an older Logitech unit, maybe a Transporter. I already have 7.9 on my PC. If I got a Transporter, would I have to update the firmware to 7.9?

2016-05-29, 21:27
It depends it will update if it needs to if the previus owner run som old version of lms , as he said 87 bas been out for years .
And the changes has usually been because some streaming service changed stuff at thier end .

2016-05-29, 21:33
Nb one change you definitely want is the one where they introduced automatic upgrade and made that default.
In the older versions you had to press the brigthness button to initiate an upgrade .
Now it just does it .

Well if you losse the original remote ,your lost . There are possible replacements but they usually dont have the brigthness button.

These old squeezeboxes does not have much brains on thier own , its really only in the fw meny ( long left press ) that younactually talking to the player , the rest of the menus ate on the server .

2016-05-30, 00:19
Ok, thanks! Two more questions...

1) Let's say the previous owner had LMS 7.8. Will the unit automatically download 7.9? Or do I have to 'point' it in the right direction?

2) When the update begins, does the unit actually install LMS 7.9 on my PC? (Which is already there)

2016-05-30, 00:35
Ok, thanks! Two more questions...

1) Let's say the previous owner had LMS 7.8. Will the unit automatically download 7.9? Or do I have to 'point' it in the right direction?

2) When the update begins, does the unit actually install LMS 7.9 on my PC? (Which is already there)

When you bring the Transporter home (BTW make sure the previous owner has removed the Transporter from his mysqueezebox.com profile before parting with it!) it will see his last LMS server is missing. It will show a menu and offer to connect to your LMS or to mysqueezebox.com.
If you want to preserve the firmware version, don't select a source but instead make the long press on the left arrow.
Disable firmware auto-update, then walk your way back up to selecting the music source. Select your LMS server, then you can start fiddle with player preferences in the LMS web interface.

Have fun ;)

2016-05-30, 01:18
TBH: I don't understand your questions. If you have LMS installed: fine.
Don't touch it. You want to add a new/used player? Install it in your
network, pick your server once it has discovered it. Update the firmware
if you're prompted. Don't care about the firmware if you're not prompted
to do anything.

And don't get fooled by the "but firmware xyz sounded better than the
latest" discussion.



2016-05-30, 01:39
Ok, got it. At first I thought the firmware update actually installed the LMS. :) I thought that was strange. So it's essentially like the Touch, except you just let the unit find the firmware on its own...which you can also do on the Touch, but I never did.

2016-05-30, 03:18
The player will prompt you to update which you can accept or not. Just accept it and let it do it's thing.