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John M.
2004-12-18, 18:07
Quoting Phil:

> Don't web forums get spam too? I think someone mentioned
> that they don't touch Yahoo forums because they get loads of junk.

Please note that Yahoo forums is not what we're talking about when we say a
web forum has significant advantages (as well as disadvantages).
Yahoo-based forums do not have a good interface. They're basically e-mail
lists with web interfaces.

For an example of a great, modern web forum, see
http://www.head-fi.org/forums/. This is for headphone enthusiasts. It's a
tight community and uses a modern interface. Participating in the
discussions there is very quick and efficient. (Warning...If you get into
headphones because you check this place out, I'll give you the Head-Fi
standard greeting now: "Welcome, and sorry about your wallet!").

(from another post)

>> All I know is that I love my new SB, I'm listening to my CDs again, and
>> I want this company to stay strong.
> Ah, I agree with that! :)

I am glad to be in agreement with you. :)