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Alex Wood
2016-05-12, 03:53
Hi all

I love my music radio and can't live without it. However my fellow asked me to advice a player like mine... Which is discontinued!

So I wonder if everything good is in the past? Do we have these days something as the replacement?

What I could recommend my fellow to buy in order to have the same fan with music, radio...?

Please help

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2016-05-12, 14:49
I've just grabbed a couple of Chromecast Audio. No screen, so you need to control from the phone app / PC, but using the 3rd party chromecast bridge plugin (after allowing it through your firewall), you can treat them as squeezebox devices. Only problem is no gapless playback, so DJ mixes and classical music have a slight gap between tracks.

However, I believe some people are using Raspberry Pi mini PCs instead and have even found ways of adding screens to them, along with IR. Bit more expensive though.

2016-05-16, 23:59
If yoiu can find one, the newer UE radio is also supported by LMS too.

Next time I need an LMS 'box' of any kind, I am going to build one - its all plug, install & play so even I can do that.

Worth reseraching some of these options, not least because they are really, really cost-effective solutions - around 20% of the cost of buying a Touch or similar - currently sellingfo r around the $500 mark if new.

- https://shop.max2play.com/en/

LOADS of sites detailing how to build these thinsg, with quite a few posts on this forum too.


2016-05-17, 00:20
Go here too - really solid advice.


Alex Wood
2016-05-17, 00:32
Thanks fellows. I go know that I can easily adopt Raspberry PI for it, more over, I also use software players any kind... However it's all pretty difficult for experienced users. So original devices from Logitech were really convenient from that point of view

Thanks again for the feedbacks

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