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2016-04-26, 13:42
I've a new Surface 4 that came with Win10. Love the device, my favorite piece of hardware yet, but I'm still finding my way around Win 10. I'd like to use it to control my Squeezebox ecosystem from time to time, and to use it as a player itself. So -- who has experience of Squeeze Remote and SqueezePlay on Win 10? I use them both on my Win8.1 Surface 2. Although Squeeze Remote is clunky, it works -- Squeezeplay replicates the Controller for local play, and works ok, but it's clunky, too. I'm not aware of alternatives.

For the record, I mainly use my Android mobile for control, but there is utility having the apps on my Windows tablets. And the sound quality from the tablet player is better than from my mobile, using it with headphones.


2016-04-26, 15:56
I use Squeezeplay on Win10 and it works just fine. I just use the web browser to control things...

<LMS Server IP>:9000

No app required for control!

Paul Guijt
2016-04-30, 21:42
I use Squeezeplay for quite some years now, and nowadays on Windows 10.

I use it most of the time for remote control. Being used to the menu structure of my squeezeboxes, stepping through it with keyboard strokes works quite fast. I have no experience with touchscreen operation, other than my Squeezebox Touch.
I am working on integration of the remote control of my Squeezeboxes in my home automation system (fhem).

On the issue of sound quality I have have only a modest opinion. I suppose that Squeezeplay uses the sound processing drivers from the operating system, and that those determine the sound quality primarily.

What do you mean by 'clunky'?


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Man in a van
2016-04-30, 23:59
check out soundicity