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James Dunn
2004-12-18, 05:31

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Collected my Squeezebox from the DHL depot this morning and came
straight home to try it. I plug it in, it displays "SlimDevices", then it
displays "Welcome to Squeezebox, Free your Music", then it displays a
message telling me to use the up and down buttons to navigate and
the right to go on. Then it displays a set-up networking screen - but it
never goes any further. (this all happens without me touching anything
on the remote - is that the expected behaviour?)

Sounds about right and fits the description on page 5 of the manual. You
don't say if you have pressed the right arrow button on the remote when "Set
up networking" is displayed. If you have then I guess you might have a
problematic device needing direct support from Slim Devices. Otherwise,
just follow the steps in the manual.



I have tried changing the batteries in the remote. I have looked at the
remote through my camera, the LED flashes white. I have moved the
Squeezebox to a different room, with no artificial light. I have
unplugged the microwave. I have held down the power button on the
remote for 10 seconds. I have tried the remote from very close and
also from the other side of the room.
What next?