View Full Version : Spotify through ickStream

2016-03-18, 15:02
We've started to implement Spotify browsing on ickStream and you can use it to play in connection with Michael's Spotify Protocol Handler plugin or Triode's plugin.

It's not yet complete - right now we just have playlists and search - but since MySB is down right now we decided to still enable it in the open beta since it might help a few people.

You will need the latest update of the ickStream plugin and one of the Spotify plugins above.
If you are already using ickStream you will have to enable the additional service in the control panel on https://API.ickstream.com
Make sure that you have the latest version of the plugin,i the f you installed it a while back you might have to let LMS update it.

2016-03-20, 09:29
Spotify via Ickstream working on my end. Thanks!