View Full Version : Web forum (again)

John M.
2004-12-17, 17:18
Quoting Phil:

> I totally disagree. I hate web forums. There is practically
> nothing going for them. I can't really see any benefits,
> just lots of negatives.

The main benefit is that you don't have to go through 50+ e-mails a day just
to see the topics you're interested in. Most people aren't interested in
Perl programming, but some are. Most people don't listen to National Public
Radio over their SB, but some do. People can participate in the topics that
are of interest to them, and don't have to deal with a load of e-mail.

If I go out of town for a week, I'll have 250 e-mail messages in my Slim
mailbox. I'm an enthusiast, but my new SB is only one of my interests. Do
I want to go through 250 e-mail messages? What a hassle! Just think about
what the more casual SB owners will have to do: not participate in the
e-mail list(s), and then manually search the Discuss list archives to find
the answer to their questions. Or use the gmane web interface to the list,
which is not very enjoyable to use considering the web-based forums most
people are used to.

> I participate in several too, and that's the problem - I have
> to log on to several different sites, using different
> accounts and passwords. I don't participate in those really.
> I look in there occasionally, but I certainly miss a lot of
> useful things as a result. I'm much less likely to participate.

You're the second person today who mentioned having to log onto the forums
and use different passwords. That doesn't make sense to me. Don't you use
cookies? Do you browse the whole web without cookies? I never have to log
in to any web forum. When I go to the website it always says Welcome John
(or something like that). Even if you don't use cookies, you can use the
same password for each forum if you want. Web forum passwords don't have to
be secure. The liklihood someone will use your password to log onto a
different forum and make posts is very remote.

As far as participating, you can particpate as much as you want to. If
you're a dedicated e-mail list user, you would be a dedicated web forum
user. It's the exact same communications that are going on. They're just
arranged differently. Sometimes it's easier to chime in with a response to
a specific e-mail than it is to decide to post on a forum thread. But
that's the price for everything being neatly arranged by topic.

> I do think it would be worth splitting the discussion list
> into a few separate lists though. Perhaps one for discussion
> of bugs, and another for discussion of new ideas, enhancement
> requests, etc. Perhaps a general chat list too (make this
> one a forum if you must for newbies that don't understand how
> emails work???).

I can imagine my father saying, "I won't learn how to use a computer because
that's for newbies. Doesn't anyone use a typewriter anymore?" Which one is
the modern method? ;)

I don't want to take away anyone's e-mail list. If this list is part of how
I arrived at my SB and my software and everything else I got for
$210+shipping+sales tax, then I'm all for keeping things the way they are.
But this is a competetive marketplace, and I think whatever suits the SB
best is what should be done.

If the list means that casual users will chose an inferior device by
Creative instead because they perceive a lack of available product support,
then a web forum would be better. If keeping things e-mail based means that
the SB will always be updated and supported by an active user community that
would not exist without the e-mail list, then that's the best thing for it.
All I know is that I love my new SB, I'm listening to my CDs again, and I
want this company to stay strong.