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2016-03-06, 15:37
My granddaughter is just a toddler, but is really into music these days, and I'm going to give her a SB (Radio) for her room. When she visits us, she uses the one in our guest room, pressing presets I've assigned for playlists and stuff she likes, so operating it shouldn't be any problem for her. However, I know her parents would appreciate it if they could limit the volume for the kid's player, so she can't crank it up to the max all the time. I seem to recall seeing once, long ago, some mention of a way to set a maximum volume on a per-player basis, but I haven't been able to find anything like that. It doesn't seem to be in the LMS settings anywhere. Maybe some plug-in can handle that?

If anybody has any suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them.


2016-03-06, 15:58
Kidsplay is the one u are looking for.

2016-03-06, 16:33
I'd suggest Volume Lock. A plugim that locks the Volume to a certain value ( no changes possible) or to a maximum (lower volume allowed).

2016-03-06, 20:58
Thank you both!

2016-03-18, 21:08
Well, it looked as if KidsPlay was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I installed the plugin, and set the Maximum Volume for a player (using the Player tab in the Web interface), and it doesn't do anything at all. The volume can still be turned up and down from 0 to 100.

I also tried VolumeLock, and it doesn't do anything either.

Anybody have any experience with these plugins? Is there some other setting somewhere that has to be twiddled to make them work? Or are they just obsolete and no longer supported? Running LMS 7.8.0.

Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.


2016-03-18, 21:12
Well, I somehow got it to work. Not sure how. I had been using the volume control knob on the Radio, and it would turn the volume up all the way. I finally tried changing the volume using my phone (Squeeze Commander), and the volume limiting kicked in then, and after that, it also works while turning the knob, too. Odd, but as long as it's working I'm not complaining.