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2016-03-06, 12:38

I have a squeezebox classic hooked up to an amp. Also hooked up to that amp is a TV. I am using IR blaster to switch the amp input from the tv to the squeezebox when I turn the SB on, and back to the tv when I turn the SB off. I also have the volume up and down events adjust the volume of the amp.

Because I have the tv connected to the amp, I currently need to use the remote control for the amp to adjust the volume.

What I'm looking for is a plugin for the SB where I can program it to recognize the volume IR codes from my tivo remote and then send the volume commands for my amp in response. Alternatively if I could configure my tivo remote to send the amp volume or squeezebox volume codes, that would work too, but I'm not even sure that's possible.

So is there a plugin that can trigger on user defined IR codes?

Thank you!

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2016-03-07, 03:00
Not exactly what you are looking for, but may be an option.....
The SB3 uses JVC_DVD IR codes from a universal remote. Can your Tivo or your amp or TV remote be programmed with IR codes?
Preferably like a universal remote where you simply enter the JVC_DVD code. But they may also be "learning" remotes where you program each individual IR button individually.