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Ralph Edington
2004-12-17, 12:08
Normally I try not to complain unless I can do better myself, but...

<whine alert>

Does anyone else besides me find the GMANE archives just about the worst
newsgroup archive interface, ever?

It just seems (to me, of course) to be incredibly ugly and user-unfriendly.
Not to mention that the last several times I've tried to search, my browser
just spins and spins, with no results, thus making it completely worthless
as well as ugly.

Perhaps the frustration isn't because people don't KNOW about the gmane
archive. Perhaps the problem is that people take one look at
"gmane.music.equipment.slimdevices.general" and run away screaming...?

</whine alert>

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Given the interest in and ignorance of the WWW Gmane interface to this
list, perhaps the list auto-add footer should look something more like this: